OpenSpending Views

The OpenSpending Views library is a set of JavaScript components for the visualisation of fiscal data. As all views on data are currently powered by the Analytical API of OpenSpending (Babbage), the views are implemented completely as Babbage.UI.


  • Javascript client for Babbage APIs
  • A suite of view components for a range of common data visualisations
  • Bindings for Angular 1.x
  • Modular design to enable alternative bindings (React, Ember, Vanilla JS)


You need to have a recent version of Node.js (v5 and above) to work with the Views. The Views are largely designed for use in other applications. The OpenSpending Viewer is an example of such an application.


The Views are installed as part of the OpenSpending Platform inside the Viewer. If you want to work with the views directly, clone the repo and run WebPack.


The library currently ships with the following components.

  • API: A client for a Babbage API server
  • Drilldown: Treemap, Pie Chart, Bubble Tree, GeoView, Sankey
  • Sortable-Series: Bar Chart, Table
  • Time-Series: Line/Area Chart with series support
  • 2D-Table: Pivot Table

We would be delighted to accept Pull Requests that add new views, or add new bindings for other Javascript frameworks.

Contributing code

Found a bug? Got neat way to refactor an existing code path? Bursting with ideas to make OpenSpending more awesome?

We can't wait to see your contributions. Here are a few things that will help:

  • All open issues for the Views Library can be found here, labeled "Viewer". If you are working on an existing issue, please let us know by commenting on an issue. Likewise, if you are working on something new, open an issue to let us know.
  • We follow a set of coding standards, and we have simple examples of those coding standards implemented for Python and Javascript. Please do read before starting.

If anything is unclear, or you just want to talk with other people working on OpenSpending, then catch us on